Best allround Blu ray, DVD and CD player for a computer

Hi everyone,
I have all the components for my new build EXCEPT a blu ray, dvd and CD player. Any suggestions as to which is the best or which ones to stay away from?
I'm not into recording yet, so just want a player for now. I can always upgrade later.
Also, can one player take care of all, or is seperate players recommended? I have a HAF 932, so I have the room.
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    See if the following link will work for you:

    Because BR players are still "relatively" new to the industry, the prices might be a bit on the high side. Any Blu Ray drive can read BluRay discs. What you want to look for is the output quality of the drive.

    If you want the highest rated one (which after comparing has less features) check out this one (based on one review):

    If you want my opinion, check out the following:

    It can even write to DL (double layer) Discs :D
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  3. Thanks lazyperson,
    The second one looks good to me. I didn't realize that the software was seperate though. Thanks for the info.
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