Looking for a surround headset for games and movies.

Right now i have quite bad and old headphones which are falling apart. And i hear people talking about how great a good set of headphones / headset is. Even people on the consoles now play with a 5.1 headset with games like Call of Duty where they talk about exactly hearing where the enemy is - even when behind the wall. So i also want something like that. All the movies also are now it 5.1 so i would like to experience that. Here's what i'm looking in my headset.

* Big cups. I don't want any of those small like Fatal1ty ones.
* Comfortable. I want them to be good even for long gaming sessions. Which means they definetly need to be softened on the top and so on.
* Good sound. This is for grated. I don't need them like perfect and i wouldn't listen to music with them, but you get the point.
* Good microphone. This is something i would really want, because i would definetly use them to talk to people and so on. It needs to be clear.
* Durable. This headset would have to serve for a long time.
* Surround. People say that this is just a gimmick but still - i have heard so many people talking how you need surround sound headphones - forexample in CoD again. Also - i can't tell which direction something is coming from at all right now.

I think that about does it for now. I am running Windows 7 if that changes anything. My motherboard is Asus P5Q PRO so i'm not sure if i need a new soundcard or something?

I would also like to say that in my country the selection is limited. But now that Amazon.co.uk and other sites like that ship here too then i can hopefully order from there. A lot of people have suggested just a pair of headphones with a mic clip (like the Zalman one), but unfortunetly i haven't found a place where the Zalman clip is sold.

Hopefully you guys can help me.
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  1. well the fatality pro, is bigger then the noby version, oh and also u could get the new soundblaster headset, looks awesome

    i lookked at some reviews of razer, and they are pretty bad, so dont be tempted for razer headset, even though they look cool.

    best bang for the buck is proabbly the logitech g35. but your choice obvs.
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