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Hi all,

I play a lot of computer games. Never had surround sound speakers for my computer audio before, but I'm thinking about it. I've always had 2.1.

I guess part of the problem is that I have no idea how many games support surround sound. I'm sure all of my favorite classics don't like LucasArts, the older id Software, etc don't.

But what about some of the newer games? I tried to Google a list of games that support 5.1 but got no love. I was able to determine that Doom 3 and Half-Life 2 (as well as games that use their engines) support surround sound. But I really don't want to start Googling each and every game I have in mind to see if it supports 5.1.

So, two questions:

Firstly, does such a list exist?

Secondly, are there any other gamers out there who can answer my question? Is it a "given" that all modern games support surround sound? Or is it just a handful of blockbuster games?

When I played Doom 3, I can definitely see how surround sound can really really enhance the game.

Actually, a third question: for those of you who do have surround sound, how do you physically set up your system? I was thinking of maybe installing hooks into the ceiling and dropping the two back speakers down, but I think I'd need to purchase long cords since they essentially have to go up from almost floor level, reach the ceiling, travel a few feet along the ceiling then drop down to ear level. But even so, how would one make sure they face in the correct direction?

Any tips on the physical setup would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!
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  1. Almost all games do.
    I play Diablo II alot, and it has some on it, and its an old game. Id say every game does just about.
  2. Theres really no defined list; most all games nativly support 5.1 (Although a few cheat by useing a Pro Logic codex to upmix instead of nativly using 5.1, but thats another debate...), and most even support 7.1 these days. But no, theres no list anywhere of what sound modes certain games support. The only real way is to enable 5.1 through windows and see if the game actually outputs 5.1.
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