Samsung vs packard bell help please

i am not sure quality of samsung and packard bell which brand should i choose?

samsung r522
p7350 2.0 ghz
4 gb ram
ati radeon 4650

packard bell tj65
intel t6600 2.2 ghz
nvidia gt240
3 gb ram
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  1. Before I started building computers years ago, I owned a packard bell. Keep in mind, we are talking 98 or something. Worst computer I've ever owned. At seperate times, all these things failed on it: mobo, power supply, cpu (seriously, no lie) and a drive.
    Whether or not their quality has improved in 10 years, i cant say ;-).
  2. which brand is your choosen?
  3. The Samsung is a more dependable system. I have never had a packard bell system that lasted longer than the limited warranty. Samsung uses better components as well.
  4. Choose Samsung. Samsung = Good.

    Do NOT choose Packard bell. Packard bell= BAD
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