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I have a fairly ancient 5000 series presario but it's served me well for many years. I still run Windows 98se on it, which does everything I need of it.It's just developed a problem with internet connection that I can't resolve.
I cannot get it to communicate with the internet at all. I know that the problem isn't with the internet connection as I have a couple of other machines that continue to access without any difficulty at all. The device manager tells me that the internal 56k modem and ethernet adapter are working fine, but neither will connect. Even so I've replaced the ethernet card but this has made no difference. I've checked and double checked the settings - I found a trouble-shooting guide on the net for connection problems and windows 98 and went through everything suggested with no joy
The problem has to be with the machine because although it tells me that the devices are working ok, when I tried loading a setup disk from my ISP, it failed halfway through saying that there is not ethernet connection on the computer (this is the point at which I changed the ethernet card though it made no difference).

I've run out of ideas. It's been suggested that it may be a fault developed on the motherboard, but I wouldn't know how to check this out and the machine's too old to spend much on.I should say that other than the connection problem everything else is running fine

Anyone out there have any ideas - any suggestions would be welcome

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  1. Try deleting and setting up a new network connection.

    Try using a new modem cable.
  2. Hi Aford10 - thanks for the suggestions.

    I've set & re-set the connections several times but it hasn't helped

    I've tried connecting the machine to the internet in a different location so we weren't using my cables, but the result was no different

    I am becoming convinced that it's a hardware problem. Does anyone have the technical knowledge to know whether a fault on the motherboard could create this problem whilst at the same time not affecting the rest of the system in any way? If so might there be a fix?

  3. About the only thing I can suggest, is to put an add on modem card, and see if that solves the issue.
  4. aford10 said:
    About the only thing I can suggest, is to put an add on modem card, and see if that solves the issue.

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