How to get into C Drive on Win. 7

First of all, I must say that I HATE Windows 7. I had XP which was a dream - so easy and straightforward. At present, my main frustration is that the Remove/Change won't remove a programme I installed that doesn't work. On XP I simply went to my C Drive, found the programme and removed it. With Win. 7 Professional, I see absolutely no way to get to my C Drive. Please help me.

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  1. well, to remove a program in XP, you should be going to the control panel-->add or remove programs, and uninstalling it there.

    To your question about windows 7. What was My Computer, in XP, is now Computer, in windows 7. It will be located either on your desktop, or in the start menu. However, to uninstall a program, it's similar to XP. You should go to the control panel-->Programs-->and uninstall it there.
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