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Just played in my first major RTT with my Orks, and I must say it was
quite the experience! I came in third place overall, but I might have
grabbed first if my second game went different. I'm happy to also
note that I got nearly top sportsmanship scores (see below, game 3)
and was voted favorite opponent and best looking army by all three of
my opponents.

You can view my list on the Waaagh! forums:

Now, on to the battles...


My first game was against David Drake, who was looking to get revenge
for my beating his Dark Elves using another player's Ogre Kingdoms
army as a proxy player in the Warhammer RTT. He brought along an
Armored Company. Now, at first, I was quite concerned. I had to
leave some klawz at home because they weren't finished. And, well,
Orks are supposed to have a weakness against tanks.

Mr. Chambers, I wish you had been there.

I got first turn, and that was what it took. My Battlewagon buzzed up
full-speed, unloaded its cargo of Skarboyz and Warboss, and the
Painboss pulled up and unloaded right beside them. The rest of the
army advanced menacingly. Some rokkits stunned his Exterminator,
keeping it from firing its massive amounts of guns. Big shootas
blasted one lascannon-armed Sentinel. The Painboss, Warboss, and krew
charged into a Hellhound and another tank (I can't recall at the
moment). Seconds later, BOOM! No tanks. The Skarboyz and Cyborks
had also both made contact with a Sentinel, which they easily
destroyed - allowing them to roll a massacre move! David's turn, he
maneuvered some tanks, unloaded his two Chimeras' crew (Stormtroopers
and an AF squad), took some shots, nothing spectacular.

The next turn, my army advanced closer, the Battlewagon moved a little
to protect itself, and the Warboss, Painboss, et al moved to charge
another pair of tanks. The Zzap gun caused the Vanquisher crew to
question themselves. The Exterminator was blown apart by rokkits
snaking in on its side. And my Painboss went after the Vanquisher to
no avail, while the Warboss and his crew went to work blowing up a
heavy-flamer equipped Chimera that had just knocked off quite a few
Skarboyz. David moved what he could and shot at my troops, killing
some Boyz off and giving my Basilisk a scare. With their meltabombs,
they charged the Killer Kanz. Two immobilized kanz really cramped the
style of the third kan, but I took it in stride. The Stormtroopers
were mauled, and being below 50% when they ran, they couldn't rally.
Good stuff!

I made the most of my remaining kan and put it in position to charge
the Stormtroopers' Chimera, while staying in coherency with the
immobilized kanz. My Painboss' trukk maneuvered around to fire into
his Chimera's backside, but decided to try for his Stormtroopers
instead (no go!). The Painboss and crew finally immobilized the
Vanquisher, as the Warboss and ladz ripped up a depleted AF crew that
had taken some big shoota shots, and also blew apart that ridiculous
Chimera. The Kan was auto-penetrating the side of his Chimera, and
blew it up quite quickly. My Burna Boyz charged the Conqueror and did
little to it, simply shaking the crew. The Boyz were stoked. David
moved his Conqueror to run over the Burna Boyz... who started fleeing
(he'd shot them up previously)! He fired his Demolisher's two
meltaguns at my Battlewagon's side... NO HITS! It was going bad for
the IG.

The fourth turn was mop-up. Everything turned and blasted into the
back of the Conqueror, blowing its big gun and immobilizing it. The
Vanquisher took some more hits but nothing came of it. The Demolisher
was charged by the Warboss and Skarboyz, who blew it apart. With
pretty much nothing to do in his turn, David called the game there
(time was also a factor).

Result: WIN, 18 battle points


Okay, that was too much info, so I'm going to slow down here and give
basic reports (plus, I don't remember all the details too well). In
the second game, I played Derek Blacker's Nurgle. This was one to
forget. Derek was a great opponent, but I screwed this one bad.

He got first turn and blew apart my Battlewagon and 11 Skarboyz. It
went downhill from there as I tried to march toward him and got
riddled with fire, then assaulted by S4, T5 beasties that I couldn't
hurt even with S4. My Basilisk hit once all day - it destroyed the
battlecannon on his Defiler, which promptly grew back. The good note
of the game was that my Grots found the objective, earning 500 VPs and
getting me to, at the prompting of my opponent, scream aloud, "The
Gretchin are gods!" And at the end of the game, both my opponent and
I controlled the same number of terrain features, so we opted to give
both of us the bonus point for that.

I know what I did wrong in this game, and it's a heartbreak. Having
not fought Nurgle with my Orks, I didn't realize the pain they could
give me in an assault (especially after depleting my troops). The
best plan would have been to keep back at big shoota range and fire in
with something like 30 S5 shots a turn (plus Battlewagon had it
survived, and the Basilisk). Keep the Kanz and such hidden from the
Land Raider and Predator, and try to hit the big stuff with my
Basilisk. His Land Raider and Predator could have taken out a max of
8 Orks per turn at range. I could have beaten him on points by doing
that and taking the objective. This is knowledge I filed away for
later. Still, it was a good game for both of us.

Result: LOSS, 6 battle points


Okay, this was a game to forget because of the opponent. Really
strange to type that, as Ed Smith had been a fun game the once or
twice I'd faced him before. But he started the day with two Warbosses
(one of them Ghazghkull!) in a Kult of Speed army. Once someone
corrected him on that, he also had a basic Mekboy running around in a
Battlewagon. And he had no idea what the 4th edition rules changes
were. I suspect it's because of all the new rules I ended up
springing on him - much to his harm - he marked me at 2nd highest for
sportsmanship and army composition. I'm also unhappy with his claims
on points cost - one of his units should have cost over 150 more
points than he claimed in order to have all he said it had. And half
points for a 20-strong mob led by a Nob with power klaw being under
100 points? No way. The math doesn't work out.

But hey, I can't complain too much. I won in a massacre. I killed
his mega-armored warboss with my warboss's choppa (before four Nobz
with klawz turned on him in return and killed him with one hit). My
army was mostly intact, whereas he had little left on the board (one
Trukk Boy, half a big mob that was in the Battlewagon, an immobilized
trukk, and another Trukk with some Trukk Boyz). My Grots were stars
of the day. I was sick of the Warbikes, which had mauled one of my
Slugga Boyz units and blasted my Basilisk, so I charged them with my
Grots, figuring I could at least hold them up. I'd dropped them down
to two (from five), so it should be managable for my Grots, I thought.
First round, no harm to the Warbikes, no hits on the Grots. Tied up.
Second round, the Grots tear a biker from his seat. The bikers get
three hits... triple 1's for wounding! THE GROTS WIN COMBAT!
Warbikes are Fearless, so Ed learns another 4th edition change and
takes three saves... one dead Warbike. The Grots go wild and run
toward another mob! That mob, however, did send them packing...

Now, I hated to bring these up in the game, because I was trying to be
a good sport and all. But Ed's placing of models in different squads
(Mekboy), claiming KFF made him "hull down" and couldn't be
penetrated, lack of knowledge regarding obscured vehicles and rapid
fire rules, claiming a KFF gave him a 5+ inv. save against the vehicle
blowing up (with the KFF inside that vehicle), claiming a field giving
him protection on a vehicle there was no field in, firing two rokkits
from a twin-linked rokkit launcha at times (to no avail), and goofing
up the points costs of his models for victory points just really irked
me. Most of these would have been handled if he'd had a rulebook (or
the Ork codex, apparently). However, he said he has no rulebook
because it'd take to long to get to him, and he only showed up "to
play, not to win." WHAT?!? You're showing up at a tournament,
instead of playing pickup games, and you don't care enough to know the
rules? It's one thing not to care about winning or not, it's another
to screw up your opponents' games because you get new rules sprung on
you and have no idea what they are. Not to mention his being upset at
my having him count his army up correctly (no way with all that stuff
fleeing, immobilized, half-dead, or totally dead he was only at ~1000
points gone to me). And excuse me, Mr. Smith, but I did show up to

Result: WIN, 16 battle points

So, a total of 40 battle points, and a day that could have seen me go
home totally victorious. Still, 3rd place out of 24 contestants is
pretty darn good, and learning what I could have done better is a
major step up toward taking it all next time. My army did well, I
might tweak it a little but not much. The lads did me good, and I
generally had a great time. I was going awesome with Ed until I
learned he marked me down on sportsmanship because I had to help him
with the rules (which I did quite easily and with a smile on my face).
But even that little blemish can't faze me. My Orks did well, and my
opponents for the most part enjoyed my games and thought I was a great
opponent with a wonderful army in appearance and composition. And
that's what you travel to RTTs for anyway, isn't it?
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  1. Archived from groups: rec.games.miniatures.warhammer (More info?)

    In article <d3eud1do5bl33omdjnv1ul6korc5kn3t7h@4ax.com>, Erik Setzer wrote:


    Congratulations. It's nice to hear about foot slogger orks doing well.

  2. Archived from groups: rec.games.miniatures.warhammer (More info?)

    On 26 Jul 2005 07:44:13 GMT, jockelinde <nouser@notmydomain.se> wrote:

    >In article <d3eud1do5bl33omdjnv1ul6korc5kn3t7h@4ax.com>, Erik Setzer wrote:
    >Congratulations. It's nice to hear about foot slogger orks doing well.

    There were two Kult of Speed armies and an Evil Sunz army there. I
    think they might have combined to win one or two games. Foot sloggers
    are probably the best choice for a tournament.
  3. Archived from groups: rec.games.miniatures.warhammer (More info?)

    Wow, footslogger orks tearing it up across the field... Good job Erik,
    I am in disbelief... It's a good report too, maybe next time include
    *more* info, instead of less for subsequent rounds and detail the your
    opponent's army list a little more.

  4. Archived from groups: rec.games.miniatures.warhammer (More info?)

    On 30 Jul 2005 20:37:40 -0700, "Chris Valera"
    <grimdarkness@hotmail.com> wrote:

    >Wow, footslogger orks tearing it up across the field... Good job Erik,
    >I am in disbelief... It's a good report too, maybe next time include
    >*more* info, instead of less for subsequent rounds and detail the your
    >opponent's army list a little more.

    Sorry, I was getting tired. As for the armies, let me see if I can
    remember the basics (I didn't get a good look at their lists):

    Game 1: Armored Company
    LR Exterminator
    LR Vanquisher (Command Vehicle)
    LR Demolisher
    LR Conqueror
    2 Sentinels with lascannon
    Chimera with heavy flamers carrying Armored Fist squad with autocannon
    Chimera with heavy bolters carrying Stormtrooper squad

    Game 2: Nurgle
    Daemon Prince with Manreaper, lots of other goodies, Infiltrate
    Great Unclean One
    3 Squads of 7 Plague Marines with two melta guns, Asp. Ch. with plague
    sword, Icon, Infiltrate
    3 Packs of 7 Plaguebearers
    Land Raider with Daemonic Possession, Parasitic Possession
    Predator with all lascannons, DP, PP, Mutated Hull
    Defiler with PP, MH

    Game 3: Kult of Speed
    Mega-Armored Warboss with 7 Mega-Armored Nobz, all Cybork Body, in
    2 units of 10 Trukk Boyz with Nobz
    Unit of 10 Trukk Boyz with Nob in Trukk with Rokkit Launcher
    Warbuggy with twin-linker rokkit launcher
    5 Warbike Outriders
    Looted Basilisk
    20 Skarboyz in Battlewagon with 5 bolt-on big shootas, zzap gun

    That second army has given a lot of people trouble, and won a lot of
    tournaments. It beat me because I didn't realize there's a trick to
    beating it, which I'll use if I can get back to the top of the 40K
    Battle Board/Challenge Board (we call it the latter) before someone
    else knocks him off. Five models - everyone outside the squads - are
    worth over 1200 points. Destroy them, and you beat the army.
    Unfortunately, most people concentrate on the troops until it's too
    late, when they suddenly realize it's hard to stand up to a GUCO and a
    Manreaper-wielding Daemon Prince. Derek has thought of retiring the
    army once the 40K CB is done this time around, because he's getting
    bored with how easily it wins. Well... I'll have to see about that.
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