Speakers not producing sound.

Hi i recently rebooted my computer from windows vista home premium to windows xp.

I have Trust speakers:
2.1 Speaker Set SP-3100

I've checked the device manager and everything seem's fine:

Audio codes
Legacy Audio Drivers
Legacy Video capture Devices
Media Control Devices
USB Audio Device
Video Codes.

Are all fully updated, But i can still get no sound at all and i'm a bit scared of going into the BIOS settings just incase i make a huge mistake.

Does anyone have any advice that can help me fix this problem?
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  1. Its almost certainly not a BIOS problem, so don't worry about that.

    Check the sounds tab of the Windows Control Panel, and make sure the correct output device is selected.
  2. Thats the thing, I checked that and it says there's no speakers

    I also ran a directX diagnostic and it says there's no sound card....The computer is almost brand new i know there's a sound card in there.
  3. Sound card, or built in audio chipset?

    If you don't have a dedicated soundcard, list you're mobo and we can point you to the correct drivers. If it is a dedicated soundcard, list what it is (open the case if you must), and we'll be able to figure out what is wrong.
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