Can't install any DirectX or Microsoft softwares due to .MSI corrupted

My problem started (when i started seeing the errors) when i was installing PES 2011 without the CD but i've been using it for the past weeks, so after installation, reaching at the directX i got this message "The program encountered an issue when trying to install. This might be a problem with this package. Verify that this package exist and you can access it. The error code is 2755 or 2260" so i clicked next because i thought it was from the package compatibility due to its newest version. So after i clicked 'OK' and moved to the next side to install the DirectX so i didn't install it and it was skipped but the game runned correctly. I bought BFBC2 and was try'na install it but i couldn't same dialog box as above, then i discovered that it never wanted to install directX and any microsoft software into my PC. This is crazy i tried to create a restore point so i would back up and restore to the earliest point (before i could back up but currently i can't) so it was saying that i don't have any access to the system memory so i called my friend at this time to see what my PC is up to, so i gave him a remote access so he tried running it himself all to no avail. I can't continue saying it but i guess one of us here have experienced this issue, if u have or no how to help, please i strongly appreciate it and endless thanks to all.
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  1. Please i would strongly appreciate a step-by-step tutor so as to make it out.
  2. OK i finally got a restore disk from college IT service so I've reinstalled and now am using WINDOWS 7 PRO formally was WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM after the reinstallation, my drive C which used to be 285 GB now got reduced to 9.55 GB and my drive D originally 9.55GB now is containing all my restored files but i can't see its main size. It appears this way LOCAL DISK D (0 bytes free of 0 bytes) and NTFS so this is crazy to me.
    Anyone have a similar or almost related issue should please try to help me out, every comments would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks Bro, a technician asked me to pay 169.99 bucks to help me repair windows cos he told me that my internal computer is corrupted so i asked if reinstalling windows will help but he said it might damage the life of the PC. I went to my school IT service and requested a reinstall disc and formatted the C drive and installed windows and everything worked fine.
  4. The TECH GUY was calling ma phone many times to see my subsribe to their support.
    He has failed though!
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