What media streamer is best to use with Synology DS410?

I just purchased a Synology DS410 to (among other things) store media to stream onto my Philips LCD HDTV (model 47PFL9664H/12). Though both the Synology unit and the Philips TV are DLNA-certified, I now hear that Philips implementation of DLNA is limited, and I need a digital media streamer of some sort to be attached to my network (as is the TV) and stream to the TV.

I would be very grateful to hear your recommendations for the best streamer (taking cost-value and compatibility into account), bearing in mind that I need something that will also play on 220v, 50 hz and would like to be able to stream H264/mkv files, xvid, dvix, ISO, VOB -- i.e., as many file formats as possible in as high-quality as possible.

I'm totally confused by what I've read so far on the Internet, as everyone seems to have their favorites (WDTV Plus, Popcorn, Xtreamer, etc., etc.) and I've found no clear comparison of all the brands and models.

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  1. if you like games, try the Play Station 3. OR, if not, you could always check out one of these:

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