CD Burner stopped burning?

Ive got a Fujitsu N3010 laptop with a dvd/cd-rw drive and have had it for ~2 years now. Just recently it stopped burning cd's. It will go through the entire burning process and appear to be working but after it says that it finishes and i try to look at the files on the cd, there isnt anything there... I can even see that there was no data written to the cd either. I have tried using Nero 6 ultra, and even windows default burning software.

My question is, is this common for them to stop being able to burn but be able to read files still? Also, im looking to possible replace it with a DVD burner... My current drive is removable and ive looked it over and it seems that the rails and front cover thing can be swapped to another drive, and there is an adapter attached to the back to connect it to the computer... will this work for any notebook dvd burner drive? or are there specific ones for certain manufacturers?

Any help is appreciated
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  1. I had a free Khypermedia CD-RW that stopped burning or reading CD-r/rw disks and then slowly became unreliable with reading CD-ROMs and eventually couldn't do anything... I'm pretty sure it overheated one of the chips as the thermal pad wasn't connected. I took it apart and hung some of the parts on my ceiling.

    My guess is that either you have a software problem of some sort that occured recently, or that it just randomly malfunctioned due to hardware breaking down like mine did.
    But technically I'm just guessing.
    If the problem persists and gets steadily worse, I would assume its the hardware side causing the problem.
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