Windows XP Installation Over Itself

For Years if I wanted to reinstall Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME over itself on any Computer, I would run the Windows "Setup.Exe" Executable File and Windows would reinstall over itself.

When it always asked me do I want to use the existing C:\WINDOWS Folder, I would say yes so the new Windows System Installation would be written on top of the existing Systems and Applications.

This procedure worked until I encountered Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

If you have an existing Computer System with Windows 2000 or XP, and lets say something became corrupted, it is easier to install the Windows XP Operating System on top of the existing Windows XP Operating System therefore keeping intact all of the Systems and Applications.

During the Windows XP re-installation process, you either have to wipe out the existing C: Drive System Partition, or if you continue on using the existing C: Drive System Partion it gets up to the point of showing you the existing C:\WINDOWS Folder.

It then forces you to create another Windows System Folder and will not allow you to use the existing C:\WINDOWS System Folder.

You were always able to with Windows 95, 98, or ME use the existing C:\WINDOS System Folder when you reinstalled Windows over itself, so you did not lose all of the previosuly installed Systems and Applications.

Is there anyway of forcing Windows 2000 or Windows XP during the reinstallation process to keep the existing C:\WINDOWS System Folder, so you will not lose all of your previosusly installed Systems and Applications.

Thank You.


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  1. what about choosing repair install? Would that be good enough?

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