In wall speaker wire (16 gauge) to RCA for Powered Sub

Just had an in-wall speaker install done (7.2) in my family room. The installer said he was going to run coaxial into the wall for my sub pre-out but ended up running standard 16 gauge speaker wire (two lines) instead. I would still like to hook up these wires to my Onkyo TX-RS707 sub preouts, but am unsure how do to so over standard speaker wire.

Can I simply install "RCA" heads onto the wire and plug it into the sub preouts (line level)?

The installer suggested that I just use other speaker outputs to connect to speaker-level inputs, but I would like to take advantage of the designed pre-outs. The 707 I have does not have any sort of Speaker-level sub pre-out, but it does have line level outs for like surround high, etc (that I am not using).

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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  1. krockls1 said:
    Can I simply install "RCA" heads onto the wire and plug it into the sub preouts (line level)?

    That's all you need.

    Here's how if you aren't sure.
  2. Thanks. You don't think there will be a problem using a(n) in-wall speaker cable(s) that a(re) pretty long run (probably about 50+ feet)? Also any way to do this without soldering?
  3. The SUB Woofer Signal should be run with coax cable. These are preamp-level signals that needs to be shielded.

    3 function rooms in my house are all wired with in-wall speakers (7.1)...Sub Woofer signal cabling are all in COAX cable. That will enable me to position the sub woofer in front or back of the room.

    I did it myself( I installed the wired myself). I purchase the speaker cables in 1000ft spools. I pre-ordered my sub coax cable specifically for the rooms with pre-defined lenght. Its all built with RCA connector at each end.
  4. Update: I just had the ends spliced with a good quality coax cable that was purchased specifically for this job. So far, so good. Signal is very clean (indistinguishable from pure RCA/COAX) and the only real issue if you can call it that is that there is a soft hum when the AVR is turned off that continues only until the sub auto shuts off.

    IMO this is a better alternative than re-running 80 feet of cable into a ceiling and down into a wall.
  5. Speaker cables are not design to clean up electrical noise from adjacent circuits or environment (emi, etc). Thats why you need a COAX cable.

    The hum that you are getting is most likely 60HZ that is being pick up by the Preamp of the sub-woofer.

    You need coax cable for Pre-Amp Level audio signal. Speaker wires is not the right cable for that application.

    Speaker wires and coax cable are totally different in Physics, Math, and Electrical Models. You can consult to professional Audio engineers, electrical engineers and they will tell one thing "What you have is wrong".

    If you want to live with it.... It's your decision.
  6. Leon,

    I wouldn't argue that the speaker wire is ideal, however in my application it seems to work just fine. I would prefer a pure coax cable but I would prefer not to pay to have all the existing wiring removed and replaced since it is a long run behind walls, etc.
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