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I want to buy a good pair of headphones in the field of gaming Which to go Razer Megalodon / or Barracuda with Asus XONAR-D1 (Sound card If you have other option's please let me know
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  1. Well, besides the fact the megolodon stinks (get the Logitech G35 if you go that route), it must be pointed out that USB headphones ignore the soundcard.

    I generally recommend a soundcard (Xonar DX makes more sense then the D1 at this point) and a decent set of 5.1 speakers, but to each his own.
  2. why DX and D1 difference???

    all i know is taht the DX is pciE and D1 is pci

    is there any other difference??? Do any of these cards include a front panel audio?
  3. The DX is a newer model compared to the D1, but after looking at the spcs again, it looks like they are essentially the same otherwise, so both should be fine.
  4. how about front panel audio, do any of them give em that?
  5. But how is the best?Senn Hd 555, Barracuda, Megalodon, steelseries 5h USB or Kave from Roccat?
  6. well, tbf its all down to personal reference and its taste.

    my best advice is go out and have a listen to em,
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