Will such a thing come out?

Hello there, this might sound like a noob question..
I'm planning to get a new harddrive soon and am wonder if something that has:

1. 10k rpm
2. 16MB cache
3. NCQ (Sata II)

will come out soon?
I couldn't find one at the moment, but seeing that there are already 16MB cache drives and 10k rpm drives available (just not both in one drive, not unless SCSI), the question is, would there be one soon?

Thanks for your time!
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  1. Send an email off to Western Digital to see if they are giong to upgrade their Raptor line of hard drives any time soon. Can't see anyone else doing what you're asking besides them.
  2. I never really bothered calling any of the tech companies these days, as I've never had any lucky experience of being able to actually speak to someone who knows anything.

    I hope such a harddrive is not in one of those small markets with too little demand to consider making.
  3. There will be.

    But then again I don't work for any of the HDD manufacturers so I could just be talking sh*t.
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