How to play hd videos in lg lh70?

m not able to play high definition video files(.DivX, .avi, .mp4, .mkv) in my new lg lh70 32" lcd tv through USB drive. it is showing file in usb menu but not able to play.
i've tried DivX registered file in it but same problem is there.
is there any way to convert files to lcd readable format. this problem is regarding with only HD videos.
other normal files (.avi, .mp4,) playing fine.
can anybody help please??
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  1. DivX is the official supported codec (DivX or AVI file extension).

    If .mp4 can be played back, then good for you. But you can forget about MKV files.

    Anyway, what's preventing your DivX encoded files from being played back? don't know. I have a HTPC connected to my LG 47LH90 which I use to watch all my movies.

    Perhaps the audio track is not supported. I would assume it would have to be in MP3 format.
  2. i've SONY z510 home theater can i connect HTPC 4 that?
    which is the best Htpc ? can u please help??

    i've converted HD Divx videos from Divx Plus converter but it doesn't work
    pls follow the link
  3. 1. Do you mean the Sony SRS Z510 active powered speakers?

    Or, do you means the Samsung HT Z510 Home Theater?

    The Sony has a 3.5mm audio input jack. The Samsung requires digital optical audio input cable. I'm guessing you will need to buy one like the following:

    It is to be connected from the audio card to the receiver/home theater.


    2. The best HTPC? Don't know I built my own. As always it is a compromise between price/performance, pre-built/build-it-yourself. Do you build or buy?


    3. The best thing I can say is join the DivX forum and post questions / issues. You should use a generic profile, that way more advanced options will be grayed out to allow better compatibility.
  4. Hey thanx yar
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