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I have an L-Shaped desk placed in the top left area of my room. I am having trouble as to how I should setup the speakers. Here is a picture of my room with the desk. I was wondering where/how should I place my front and rear speakers. I mean should I place my front speakers on both ends of my desk and in the centre OR both of ends of my ROOM and the centre one on my desk?

Now if I were to place the both fronts on ends of my desk, I'd replicate the same setup at the back, and if I were to do the speakers to fit my whole room then I'd replicate that as well on the back.

I am also wondering if I should get speaker stands for the back or mount them on the ceiling.

The picture of my room is here:


Also including the two setups I am mentioning:

1) Speakers from one end to my other end of TABLE


2) Speakers from one end to other end of ROOM
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  1. The rule is to keep the left/right speakers the same distance from your head; keep that in mind during placement. So the first option makes more sense.
  2. Ok ty very much.
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