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Hey all,

Quick question for anyone that is willing to answer:

I am looking to buy a Lap Top for a family member for Christmas. I would like to take advantage of the Black Friday sales. I found one lap top that seems fairly appealing for the price in comparison to other models with similar specs. I am looking to spend between $500 - $650. I found this for $550:

HP Pavilion dm4-1162us Laptop Computer With 14" LED-Backlit Screen & Intel® Core™ i5-450M Processor With Turbo Boost Technology

-320 GB hard drive
-2.66 processor speed
-Intel HD Graphics with up to 1696MB shared memory

Is it worth the money? In addition, the only game he plays is, of course, World of Warcraft. Can this system handle that?

Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who chimes in!

Happy Holidays :)
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  1. It will run WoW, but '1696mb' means it can use up to 1696 of your RAM... 'shared'. So, any memory that it uses is drawn from the computer's memory. 4GB would handle WOW well. The price is decent. I have a HP HDX 16, but it runs really really hot, about 140F for CPU and hard drive, around 200F for graphics card. most HP laptops have a heating problem. If he does not mind the heating, HP DM4 would be an ideal choice.
  2. Thanks for the response. Ya, I have been doing some research (...since PC/Laptop software is completely foreign to me), and I have heard nothing but negative feedback in regard to the graphics card on this system.

    Anyone know of a decent deal on a Laptop at the moment (Major retail store, or internet) that wouldn't have any troubles playing WoW?

    Again, any and all help is appreciated!

  3. I did happen to come across this item:


    Seems like it has pretty good specs for its price. The CPU seems to definitely be its weakest point, but it is still fairly decent.
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