BFG 6800 GT/OC overheating?

i'm having an issue with my BFG 6800 that seems to be(?) heat related and i'm curious if anyone else has seen this problem.

after gaming for a few hours, my screen will flicker and i get 1 of 2 things, either a screen full of what looks like hash marks in yellow/pink or i loose the signal to my montior completely. both require a full reboot to get video back.

i was running at 2k x 1.9k (or something thereabouts), but have recently moved back to 1600 x 1200, and added some little antec video card fan (eats up 2 pci slots \= ). that seemed to help, but if my A/C in the room is off, i will see the problem again.

i guess my question other than has anyone else seen/experienced this. should i be concerned? i mean a $400 dollar vid card shouldn't be acting like this (at least i wouldn't think)

system info (i figure this may help as well)
p4 3.2 prescott
6800gt/oc (bfg)

case is a coolermaster praetorian. 2 intake in the front, 1 rear, and 1 top fan. and that silly antec fan blowing on the vid card.

air flow seems ok. cpu hits about 60c when gaming. idles mid 40s

thanks for any thoughts.
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  1. You will get a much better response if you post this in the Graphics section. The TV/Video cards section is really intended for TV Tuner and video hardware (encoders, etc.), so the traffic here is very low, and many of the ATI/nVidia whizzes don't even look here.


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  2. thanks for the heads up. i think i spaced on the original post. moved it to the vid card section.
  3. first check your temp status when you running any 3d applications, if the temp hits more than 70c the core can be considered as overheated. if the temp is well below 70c, it should be the mem issue.
    Email the BFG stuff, as i know there are technical supports 24/7
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