Need a good DVI to RGB wireless setup... any ideas?


I want to take the DVI output of my computer, and transmit it using some kind of wireless device to my TV which has RGB inputs. Anyone know of a simple yet good way of doing this? High Def. would be nice :)

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  1. mmm, almost. thats the transmitter...It will need 2 ends, a transmitter and then a receiver. My computer is wired to the network instead of wireless. Or, should i just use a long RGB cable? (i just dont want the distance to bother anything....) Thats my only concern with the cabled option. It would need to be something like a ~50' cable to reach around the room (so its not just laying across the floor.)
  2. this was the wrong item let me find what you need.
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    That will work, it's not wireless but it has a nice price compared to the other.
  4. i agree. I didnt know they had one this cheap honestly :p

    Thanks for the support!
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