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I took the 9800GTX+ graphics out of my Monster computer because I upgraded to the GTX 480 and the two did not work together in SLI. Anywho, I took that 9800GTX+ and put it in my Dell Dimension 4700 because it has a PCI-e slot that will accommodate it. Well, I had to use an adaptor to hook up the power cord to one of the two (6) pin power sockets because the 350W power supply did not have one. OK, until I receive the other six pin adaptor, I'm running on half power. Now, I'm looking for sound to come from my computer. I searched the whole MOBO just to find that there is no SPDIF to plug into. Anybody know how to get sound from from a Dimension 4700 with a MSI 9800GTX graphics card? Maybe that card is just too much for that MOBO?
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  1. Your PC's power supply is only rated at 305w, and the card need a power supply rated at least 450w. So, unless you have changed the PSU, that card wont work in your Dell.
  2. Thanks, I think even if I upgrade the PSU, that MOBO will not have options for SPDIF. Still, no sound :??:
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