HP Deskjet 3900 only prints HTML from IE8

I've never quite seen this before, but I have an HP Deskjet 3900 series (3915 or 3951 I think) and am running WinXP Home and IE8. On any given web page, when I select "Print", the printer will print the HTML and not the actual page as humans see it. Even the "Print Preview" shows a preview of the HTML and not the page.

Is there some bizarre setting in IE8 that sets it to print the HTML and not the actual rendered page? (I say HTML; I also mean any CSS, Javascript, etc. in the page source.)
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  1. Anyone?! I'm thinking of uninstalling IE8 and installing IE7 and/or Firefox to see what happens. No one else has seen anything like this before?
  2. Solution: I installed Firefox 3.5 and the printing works fine now (printing from Firefox, that is; IE still won't cooperate). Internet Explorer needs to be shot, burned to a crisp, and shoveled over with dirt.
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