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I have bought new sonny ex700 LED TA, when tired to connect my laptop( IBM ThinkPad) with Hi-VGA card it is not working.
My question is there is any specify VGA card available for this ? I haven’t tried NT VGA car but is that work for me ? What is the difference VGA card is available in the market and which is best for me?
PS: for Audio I will connect with different wire 
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  1. How is it not working?
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    You may need to hit the F-key for the monitor toggle on the laptop. You may also need to step the laptop into a more compatible resolution. Your Sony manual will list the rates at which it can sync to your laptop.
  3. Unfortunately, It is not working for me . I have try it the function key ( in my laptop Fn+f7) but no use. just want to let you know that I can direct my laptop display to a projector with out any issue ( by using F7 key).

    I guess the problem is the cable because since the external output it’s self not enabled in the TV. I have to buy new cable but I not sure which is correct .

    Do any one know how to escalated this issue with sonny.
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  5. Thanks I got correct card
  6. sahayajude said:
    Thanks I got correct card

    which card you are using now? i am trying to connect my dell laptop to sony LED TV
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