Problems with the the front headphone jack on my computer

So i built this computer and the front jack works, but it only plays in the left headphone. I know the system audio is fine because my speaker work just fine and i plugged my headphones into the rear speaker jack and it's totally fine.

So i'm using my motherboards onboard hd audio and it comes with the realtek hd audion drivers, which i feel are kinda crappy but. I guess what i'm asking. Is there a way to either just fix my front jack or just get the sound coming out of the left headphone to just play in both thru the hd audion manager

i apologize if this is in the wrong subcategory
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  1. then the headphone may be broken??
  2. no i've plugged them into the rear audio jack for the speakers and both sides work
  3. then u may have to check the wiring done in ure mobo for the front panel audio.
  4. Yeah. MEgamer is right.
    Open up your box and grab your motherboard manual. Check that all of the sound leads are correct and not backwards, etc.

    If that does not work, you probably have either a dud cable or a busted jack. You will not be able to make it work in this case.
  5. ok thanks i have to dig it out that manual, and check it out i think it might be the cable or the jack most likely because pluged the cable into both of the headphone connectors on my board and no good. well thanks for the suggestions guys
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