Updating to USB 3.0?

I am building a machine now and was wondering about the upgrade path for USB 3.0. I can't wait on USB 3.0 capable motherboards to hit the market, so will have to look at whatever upgrade options will be made available. I will probably be using an Asus P6T LGA1366 motherboard. OS will be Windows 7 Home Premium. I know the OS will not support USB 3.0 when shipped.

I suppose any hardware upgrade to USB 3.0 will come in the form of an add-on PCI card. Any word on what type(s) of USB 3.0 cards will be coming out and what performance hits can be expected by not having USB 3.0 directly on a motherboard?
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  1. There is no machine available today with USB3.0. So yes, you would need to get a PCI card.

    I think the speed will be limited by the device (e.g. external hard drive) more than the PCI bus.
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