My computer wont work


my computer crashd last night and i had too turn it off from mains

now it wont come on.. fans and what seems to me like everything inside works but my monitor doesnt recieve a signal.. has anyone got any ideas, if u need more info just ask.. thx for any help i get in advance
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  1. If possible try attaching a different monitor -- if that cures it you know where the problem lies.
  2. hi fihart, thx for the post

    i tried a new monitor and it didnt work, also i tried mine on a different computer and it works fine so im sure its not a monitor problem... any other ideas?

    thx again
  3. while i w8 for your replie i thought it might help if u know tht my keyboard also doesnt work.. the lights come on when i plug it in but then it dies

    i was playin a game b4 the crash.. also about a month ago i installd 1gb of new ram (from crucial so im sure it was the correct one)
  4. In you position I would beg steal or borrow a desktop computer which has virus protection and hook your hard drive to it as a secondary and run the virus checker on your drive.

    This should also reveal whether the hard drive has simply failed. If negative on that or a virus it may be a motherboard problem.
  5. sounds like a good idea, but i cant.. i dont have another computer i can open up ;/
    if it is the hard drive.. do i just buy a new one pop it in and sorted?

    thx again
  6. An alternative, if you lack access to a desktop is to access a laptop which has virus protection and buy a USB hard drive adapter -- either SATA or mini-IDE (some adapters do both).

    If you decide to buy a new drive, first extract the old one and take it with you to the retailer or get a computer literate to identify what type and capacity it is. Buy something similar -- don't get anything with much more capacity unless you first establish from the computer manufacturer how big a drive it's compatible with.
  7. Strip the pc down so you have processor, memory and graphics card connected to motherboard and nothing else and see if no signal persists if it does take out new stick of ram leaving old stick see if it boots and reverse if persists.

    Failing that graphics card need to be swapped out beg, borrow etc.

    If that fails then psu, motherboard or cpu are left as culprits.
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