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I have a Laptop and i want to hook it up to a tv to use as a monitor. Also i would like the sound to come through the tv speakers. The only ports i have on my computer are the headphones, mic, internet, and DVI. what do i need to get it to work on my tv with audio as well?
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  1. Connect the DVI port to the DVI port on your TV. If you don't have one, get a DVI to HDMI adapter and connect it that way.
  2. Besides video, you will also need to transport sound from your notebook to the TV set, using your notebook's headphone jack. The DVI connection has no sound.

    There are cables with one end having 3.5 mm stereo jack and the other end having two RCA connectors. You need one such cable.

    Where you connect the RCA connectors for sound on the TV set is important. You must read the TV manual and choose matched set for both video and sound. Otherwise, you do not get either sound or video on the TV set.

    If your TV has HDMI port and you are going to use DVI-to-HDMI adapter cable ( as advised by CompTIA_Rep above ), choose only the HDMI port on the TV set for which you can also connect external sound input.
  3. It is Laptop to TV audio port use by the TV out put pin for external cable or external pin. There are work on attached a speakers with woofer or corner of the top.
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