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Rebuilding RAID array

Last response: in Storage
September 19, 2005 10:54:31 AM

Re my posting have I been shafted, am now hale & hearty. With great unease I used the Promise RAID utility to delete BOTH arrays, the defective mirror AND the unwanted and ever-returning 1+0 stripe. I then used it to create a new mirror, this process took 92 minutes for 14GB of stuff on the C-drive. En route it removed from visibility the E-drive which had appeared mysteriously from nowhere. I could toggle between C & E and save independently to either, but NOT SIMULTANEOUSLY TO BOTH --- and auto-saving to mirror is what I strive for. On rebooting black screen now again displays comforting message that I have only one array, & it is a mirror, & it is functional. All bunnies this burrow now happy.

How the mobo's Promise on-board controller got its knickers in a twist I have no idea. My experiences may help others? Bruce +++

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September 19, 2005 1:58:38 PM

I had always assumed I had mirror RAID [aka RAID 1 in UK] & only that. I suspect when I got the pc shop to use its bulk licence to upgrade me from W98SE to XP Professional, and to convert me from FAT32 to NTFS at the same time, that the guy may have installed more than he meant to? He cloned my entire HD to a workshop slave, lost my OE6 address book, and then cloned back to my reformatted HDs. btw my C-drive is one 60GB partition [aka "unpartitioned"] He said that my RAID had fooled him. This is a guess in an attempt to answer your request. Your USA interest much appreciated by us in Limeyland, regards, Bruce +++
September 20, 2005 1:16:55 AM

See Wusy! This guy's using RAID and not a single mention of any spiders.

I knew it would work...

....WW (5.1)