AV Receiver - Plugged Cable TV into FM Antenna Coaxial?


I had setup a Surround Sound system recently and plugged the Cable TV into the FM Coaxial Antenna by mistake. I later realized that the FM Coaxial was meant for an antenna instead. I switched out the Cable with the correct Coaxial Antenna cable and everything is fine.

I haven't noticed anything wrong with the sound system. The FM Tuner works great, and everything sounds wonderful, but I'm still paranoid that I might have risked damage to the Unit by Connecting the Cable TV to the FM Antenna coaxial connector. Is that even possible? I know some Cable companies send FM radio signals through the same Cable TV wire, so perhaps it wouldn't necessarily be damaging to the Unit? Am I worrying about nothing?

Thanks all
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  1. You are probably worrying about nothing -- unless the cable company comes calling to ask who blew up their network (only joking).
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