New laptop LCD doesn't work. Help please!

I just installed a new LCD screen for a laptop I have, the old one was cracked. The old one was a matte screen, and the new one is glossy. But they have the same part number. I kept my old inverter board and installed on the new LCD. Could this be the problem? I am a little confused because the laptop won't even boot now, and it used to boot just fine fine when hooked up to an external monitor.
Any and all help is appreciated.
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  1. AKK! No replies!! LuLz!!
  2. The use of your old inverter board may have had some catastrophic affect on your motherboard. The machine won't boot anymore, with the internal LCD detached?
  3. *update* I also upgraded RAM and I did not put the new cards in snug enough. I fixed that and it did boot with the external monitored. I then: updated the OS, Updated the BIOS, ran two ATI driver display updates, and still not working. I really think it is either the inverter or the adapter inverter power cable that came with the LCD (yes it required an adapter, and they sent it along)... Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this?
  4. Not really. Your part may be defective - consider RMA'ing it.
  5. RMA'ing it? what is that?
  6. Well... I think RMA'ing may be out of the question as I had to peel the stickers off to swap frames off the new LCD so I could install my inverter. I know I should have tested it before I went that far, but now I know better. So now I have two LCDs that don't work on this laptop. Is possible for me to install the new uncracked screen on the old backlight board that I know works? would the new screen "agree" with the old backlight? I have reviewed a complete teardown off a DELL lcd <a href="" target="_blank"> here</a>. Would I be able to hack this?
    I think I am going to do it, I mean what have I to lose at this juncture? I'm just lookin for a vote of confidence!! Thank You Muchly!
  7. *update* swapped LCD's and Background and it did not work. They sent me a bunk LCD. And there is not much I can do about it......
    Thank you for your help....
  8. Why can't you contact them and say "hey, your product was bad"? The worst that they could tell you is no, they aren't going to chew you out or anything. And don't tell them you removed things - stickers shouldn't affect the LCDs performance.
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