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Need to set up a security camera. [Sods tried to nick car, smashed up passenger side lock, steering column, ignition system and then, when the immobiliser stopped them 6 feet later, abandoned it in the middle of the road after further malicious damage to the interior].

Does anyone have any advice, recommendations, warnings on choosing, buying and setting up a security camera system....?

Pretty sure our wireless network will cover the area we want to install the camera. Can get mains power to it. Could, at a pinch, cat5 wire it in to the network.

Have read online about systems that can write data to an SD card and/or to a Network Disk drive and/or save data to an internet site so it is safely stored "in the cloud" even if the rest of your hardware gets nicked/damaged.

Currently considering something called a Y-cam Bullet

We have a suitable Network drive but not sure if you can belt&braces save to multiple locations and if not, which would be the best.

Your words of wisdom, please.
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  1. i got cameras because i had a $1000 deductible for home owners , but the best advise i can give is how ever many cameras you first think you may need maybe add a few or see just what the camera will see and then decide . the angles that a standard ccd camera will pickup are somewhat narrow so you may see all when you have the same vantage point but it is because you have peripheral vision and see a much wider angle as well. and tamper proofing and lighting are very important too. but definately see what the cameras will see before you decide on anything . i have four but now having them installed i wished i had 4 more .
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