Xbox Audio problem with VGA cable

Hello, I bought a VGA cable for my Xbox 360 today.

I get great video but the audio is bad quality.
I connected the RCA audio cables into another cable to turn RCA > 3.5mm male. I then connected that cable to my Line In on my computer so that I can get the sound to my computer speakers. Now here is the problem: When I'm in the dashboard or game menus the audio is GREAT with my computer speakers but as soon as I am in-game in any game the audio is really bad quality. I can't figure out what is wrong, the only time the audio worked good in-game was in BF1943 when I changed the audio setting to "Home Theatre" inside the game options.
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  1. This is the same problem I've been having. I've used my XBOX 360 in the same setup you described and it's always worked on my computer with Windows XP. However, I just recently reformatted and switched to Windows 7 and my audio through my line in is really distorted. It seems like the levels are set too high but I can't find any way to turn it down.

    However, on my XBOX, all the sound is bad. Even in the dashboard the sound is distorted.

    Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I just wanted to at least say that this setup did work on a system with XP.
  2. The VGA cable doesn't give sound you would have to use headphones
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