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Dell USB Wheel Optical Mouse DPI?

Last response: in Other Consumer Electronics
May 18, 2011 3:46:44 PM

(Sorry for putting this in the wrong catagory; I think).
I want to buy a gaming mouse for FPS' that has an ergonomic design, I just don't know what mouse dpi is good for me. I was thinking I could base what DPI is right for me by finding the DPI of the mouse I've been using for YEARS. The name of the mouse I have been gaming with is called the "Dell USB Wheel Optical Mouse XN967", does anyone know the DPI of this mouse?

THANKS! :na: 
May 20, 2011 3:13:17 AM

if you cant get that information from dell.. maybe you can open up the mouse to grab a part number off the optical sensor.

i have used a logitech optical mouse with 800dpi
then used a 'gaming grade mouse' with 2000dpi

when i switched from one mouse to the next, i noticed the cursor moves faster and i have to reduce the mouse sensitivity.
i havent really experienced any reason to need the higher dpi

the only reason i switched from the logitech optical to the higher dpi was to get a mouse that doesnt have 'sleep mode'
the sleep mode is when the led or laser turns off when the mouse isnt being used.
then when you begin to move the mouse, the light turns on again and the mouse works.
i found this to be a problem when walking straight without moving the mouse, then when it was time to aim.. there was a pause that made aiming difficult.
usually because i was too far away in time to be any competition towards the person firing at me.

some games are bad, whoever hits who with the first bullet gets the full advantage of 'stunning' the person so they cant aim back.
other times, if it is a race to see who can get 4 bullets into the person.. if i start late, it is extra hard to get my 4 bullets in when the pause took long enough for the person to get their first bullet into me.

i am thinking the higher dpi is going to help people who dont use a mouse pad/mat.
because i havent noticed a whole lot of difference.
and i was usually a long range shooter at the time of the mouse change.
people were usually half a football field away when i started to pass bullets their way.
the closer they get, the less important it ever was.

i am still looking to get one of them mice that has the button to allow me to change sensitivities that match when i am holding at the hip or aiming down the sight.
it takes way too much time to reach up and adjust the mouse sensitivity under the scroll wheel to aim down the sights.
it also takes too much time to reach back there again to bring the sensitivity back up.

if it was more realistic, the persons brain would adjust and slow down the movement while looking down the sight, faster than it takes to change the mouse sensitivity.
as it is now, the mouse sensitivity is for snipers who are covering a doorway or window and always need the lower sensitivity.
if they have to jump up and switch to a different gun to defend themselves, the resistance is probably too low to spin around and be of any competition.

i am hoping more mice come with the 'aim down sight' button.
since the mouse is supposed to be tailored for gaming, there are already a few mice that have a load of buttons for RPG games.. but only one brand of mouse that has the aim button for FPS.

maybe some programmers have used the thumb button with a pre-written script to function like the 'aim down the sight' button of the cyborg mice.
but they dont need to deal with the game's anti-cheat protection to use the script.
that is more arguing than necessary.