Samsung Syncmaster T260 really that bad?

I'm considering the Samsung T260 and will use it mostly for office work, programming etc. After reading reviews like (in Danish), I am concerned that I will be disappointed. Translated from the review: "For office work, text and graphics, I have to admit that the screen is a bit too big for the bad viewing angle. Text along the edges isn't "clear" and for graphics, there is a slight change of colors depending on your eyes' position to the screen."

Can any T260 owners comment on this?

I'm currently using a Dell 2001fp from 2005 (1600x1200). I believe it is an S-IPS panel. Apart from two replacements (uneven backlight), I've been very happy with it. Text is clear and colors look "right". It cost almost twice the price of a T260. Is there a chance that the Dell is in fact a better quality panel than the Samsung T260?

Any comments are appreciated. I really like the specs and the price on the T260, and I don't need the absolute best of the best screens, but it has to deliver for normal desktop use.
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  1. I've had the T260 since January of this year. I love it. It does require some adjustmant - default is incredibly bright!

    It's worlds better than the Hannspree 28 I took back before I bought this one.
    No blotchy backlight issues- like the Hanns.

    The controls are easy to use.

    I'm not a high graphics guy either, but pictures look very good, video is more than acceptable, text and the net is excellent and HD is incredible. I using an nVidia 9600 GSO with 768mb.
  2. bump
    I was thinking about purchasing the ridiculously huge T260HD
    The only think holding me back was finding a better deal. In store cost is around $500 after tax and i saw it online 2 weeks ago for 380 new with free shipping / no tax

    Right now I'm thinking of getting the Dell s2409w which is priced around 280 but dell has been doing promotions on their site for around $200 250 after everything else tho...

    I would like to hear more opinions of the samsung T260 tho I've also read that the picture angle is not that good
  3. I'm now leaning towards the LG W2600HP-BF. It's supposed to have a better quality panel, and doesn't cost that much more.
  4. hmmm have u seen the G2410? only downside imo is that it doesn't have HDMI but from legit reviews the screen pic is amazing
  5. You can get the VIZIO VL260M 26in 1080p LCD HDTV for under $300. It uses a superior panel (S-IPS vs the Samsung's TN) which gives u an overall better viewing experience.
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