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When FCC changed the USA from analogue to digital, and advised people to purchase digital cable boxes for their analogue tv's, and that if your tv's were already connected to cable via direct or through, your converter boxes that that was all you would need with your cable provider; however, Comcast makes everyone buy/rent their little boxes for each tv's you want to receive cable on. How is this, since the FCC had said that through your cable provider you would be able to receive television programs directly through cable? I am confused as to how Comcast can switch around their channels and force you to rent additional equipment when you were already connected to their services? Any response will be appreciated.
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  2. The original problem with going digital was the fact that millions of TV's would no longer be able to recieve the signal. So the Gov. gave coupons for decoder boxes.
    If you had cable then your provider would decode them and and send them to your tv. They are still doing this to this day. The real problem is with the greedy cable companys. They were making money leasing second recievers and nobody complianed. Then HD came out and people had to lease the HD reciever for $10 more per month, nobody complained. So bad economy hits, people start canceling services. Someone comes up with the idea of charging everyone for their box. $ 100 million more in revenues. They will only listen to the bottom line if you pay the lease fee then your not complaining. Its that simple.
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