What tv brands are trustworthy?

So I am looking for a 42" 1080p $500-600 dollar tv. I don't really know alot about tv brands or anything so my question is: What brand of tv you all think I should get? Thanks guys!
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  1. what kind of tv do you want because that most of all will determine the price?
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  3. Sony is the best, Sharp is a good value. You need to look at features, it should have the inputs and outputs you require as well as any special features.(cable card, memory readers, streaming capabilities.)
    It all depends on how you will use the set.
  4. Hmm, so I do not have tv... I will be using this tv for watching movies and playing games on it with an xbox... I have 1 dvd player, a vhs player, a xbox and possibly a black box i would hook up to the tv... If I cannot hook up the black box I would'nt mind a bit. So I am mainly looking for a tv brand that will last, and that I won't have to fix hopefully in several years. I am not as concerned about hz... 60 hz or 120 hz either is fine for me, and seeing that I will hopefully get a 1080p tv I don't think that I need to go with the best brand detail wise... I know some brands might be just a bit better coloring or whatever but mainly just a longlasting, affordable tv that is HD. One last thing is since I will have an xbox I won't need memory, ram on the tv.

    What kind of tv do I want? Just a lcd tv
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