PC wont boot/post after system crash

Hey reader!
Thanks for taking time...
So, a couple of hours ago i was using my pc with no worries, then decide to play Batman Arkham Asylum and after 10 seconds, the video turns pixelated and pink in some areas and shortly after the screen goes black and then it freezes and i m unable to do anything, so i hold down the power button and thereby shut it off.. When i tried to boot it up again, it goes really loud with the fans untill it shuts off automatically, but then it turns itself on automatically and goes really loud but suddenly the computer beeps and it sounds normaly again, but theres a kicker: nothing on the display is shown, i cant run BIOS, windows, or anything..
I tried taking out my graphics card and cleaning it and cleaning the rest of my computer, only to find out it didnt change anything... Nothing smells fried and my mobo looks fine and so does my graphics card..
I have a Dell Inspiron 530
nvidia geforce 9800gt 512mb
4gb ram
quad core 2,66ghz intel processor
some sata 320gb harddrive
dunno the mobo make/brand name
dunno the PSU name, but it has 250W
Please, what can i do to fix this? Has anyone come across this exact issue?.. It happened so sudden with no warning..
Please help me!! Thank you very much in advance!
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  1. thanks, my friend had a 9800gt and i put that in and it works now...
    ive been using 9800gt since i bought my computer over dell, so like 2 years and ive been gaming everything from starcraft to crysis with no worries... untill now.. and i knew the PSU wouldnt be good enough, but it worked then and it works now :) but just in case, ill get a new PSU, so thanks for the links!!
    Had to post on this site, cos i know its pro!!
    thanks again :) have a nice day!
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