Connection Problems with a Dial-Up

Here is the problem (a wopper): My connection starts at 26kps, slowly goes down to 20, 14, 9, then dies. In-between all this the I can get connected about 1 out of 10 tries and it rarely ever stays connected more then a minute (around 500bps received, each time). I have gone through three modems in one computer and two modems in the computer I’m using now.

So judging by the two computers and numerous modems, I doubt it’s a faulty modem or computer. So I had a phone man check my phone lines and he tested the lines with some odd deely, hrumphed and told me he got connected at 56k. I’ve never been able to connect higher then 26k.

So according to him it’s not the phone line. Whats left is the ISP. However many other people that live close to me get connected at higher speeds, and never have the modem/disconnection problem.

I have no idea what else to check, I have been working on this problem for a year or two now and will be eternally in your debt if you help me.

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  1. Been there done that. I use to have the same problems when I had my other ISP. I finally got rid of it and went to another one that was cheaper. :) The ISP that I am with now I never had a problem connecting at 52k. But that was at the other house I use to live at, my new house my connection fluxuate from 48k to 50k. My father-in-law works for Bellsouth and he said that it is the switch over here in my neighbor hood that is slowing me down.

    I just wish that Bellsouth would hurry up and get ADSL, DSL, or ISDN down here. Or the stupid Cable company, Cable One, would hurry up and get Cable modem's in our area. But the are draging ass and working on the big cities first.
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