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How to creat a virtual machine for windows 7 beta?

Is it possible? I'm downloading the beta right now (probably going to have to leave it overnight, internet connection is so slow lol), and what would you guys recommend me to use and how to do it?
sorry, I'm a absolute noob at this software stuff, and I don't see a thread about this in the windows 7 category at tom's hardware, so I though I might ask

Edit: and question #2, can I do this on a XP SP3 machine?
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  1. You can use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1, it's free, and it will do what you want.

    I used it. It's pretty self-explanatory, just set all the default settings to Vista when it asks.

    Although the performance isn't great, you'll get the general idea. Although it would be best to just make a partition, and install it. It will run better, and install faster.
  2. You won't get Aero though, as far as I know. That's all Windows 7 is about isn't it? :kaola:
  3. Randomizer is correct, no Aero. I assume its becuase it lists the Video Card as some generic VGA Adapter.

    I had issues with the 64bit download in VPC07. The first image I downloaded started in VPC but said a file didn't exist, the new one says the CPU isnt 64bit.

    32bit works.
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    Yea that's what I was after. There's no direct access to the hardware (since it's all virtual), so you can't install drivers. Unless things have changed, but it's still that way with VMWare anyway.
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