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hey guys, im studying for the A+ hardware and essentials exam but im not sure which version to take . They have the 07 and 09 versions listed on the pearson vue website but i don't think my book was made for the 09 version but rather the 07...not sure. Anyway, what types of entry level jobs can i apply for IMMEDIATELY after attaining my certification. Im thinking of moving back to atlanta after getting but the job market there is rough i know but i just love that city. Thanx in advance
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  1. You can get a job as a network engineer at Comcast. Start out at $15 an hour + insurance + free internet and cable.
  2. I would hope that a "network engineer" has more than just an A+.

    You should take the 09 version, it may include some newer stuff that wasn't on the 07. I also read that they're going to start expiring after 3 years, instead of being lifetime certs.
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