Apple to use their own chips?

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  1. If that is the case, what software will it be running?

    Same as the iphone?
  2. I assume so, tho its too early to say, but itll be interesting one way or another as Apple gets back into it
  3. I figured they would do this.. It will be a big Ipod..
  4. Meh. I can't really say I care unless I'm ever forced to program for it :D.
  5. Interesting. There will probably more questions than answers after January 27th.
  6. yep! tomorrow is the big day! apple has recently brought ARM (I have heard)

    i dont think the tablet will be an ipod..more like the next generation of student notebooks...but thats just me :D
  7. LOL Apple just bought ARM?? Do you know just how big ARM are? They sold 1.4 BILLION processors in the last quarter alone. Apple have not and will never buy ARM.

    As for the A4 it looks like a Cortex core, licensed from ARM.
  8. Yes, I know how big ARM is. Do you know how much BIGGER Apple is? lol

    But you're right. I heard it from a website which was obviously wrong.
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