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PLEASEEEE HELP!!!"unidentified image"? for canon powershot SD750

hi! i have a canon powershot SD750 digital elph. I was on a school trip and we needed to take many pictures for this big project that counts for most of the course, and when i got home and put the sd card on my mac it wouldnt work, and the mac didnt even recognize it as being inside the computer and so then i took the cord and plug it in like that and it still wouldnt recognize it!! so then i looked at the camera and for 342 out of 343 it said that the image was "unidentified image"!!! and then for some of them a big yellow question mark just appears on the camera screen. I was freaking out when i saw this so then i just took the SD card out and the memory card and then put it back in but didnt even look at the pictures *i did this hoping that it would fix something and bring me my pictures back.... :( its been like 2 days now and its still the same!!! and im freaking out because this is a HUGEEE project.. and if those pictures dont come back im screwed for life! SO .. PLEASEEE HELPPP!!! thanks soo much and any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks!
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    The first thing to do is to make a copy of that SD card onto a computer folder appropriately named.

    Here is a link to a repair program:
    Download and install this program and try to recover your pics.
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