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Nikon D70 Photos disappear without deleting

Please help me with my question. I am able to take pictures with my nikon d70 and view them on my camera after I have taken them. After a few days the pictures will have dissapeared and are no longer on the memory card. I have tried reformatting as well as new cards. Same thing always happens. Anybody have any idea as to what might be wrong? Many thanks.
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    I hope it is not a stuck delete button. It could obviously be a timer delete feature either in the camera settings or a glitch in the firmware.

    1) Read the manual section pertaining to this.

    2) If 1) does not resolve the issue, refer to Nikon Inc. They have a very good tech support dept for their products. Usually you ask the question via email and they will respond. I have used this service for my Nikon D70s.
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