Win 7 wont boot up

I was running windows xp and 7 in a dual boot. I used gparted to partition the hard drive into two partitions, sda1 which was running xp and sda2 which was running 7.

Recently I decided that I wanted to run linux instead of xp. So I used gparted to format the xp partitionand install linux, now everytime I turn my computer on it wont boot on win 7, but if I boot in linux( ubuntu 12.04) I can stil see the second partition and all the files on it.

I then dicided to remove the linux partition and use the whole hard drive for win 7. that also didnt help.
It wont load the sda2 partition, which is the only partition.

I have no idea what to do please help
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  1. Windows might not be compatible with your Linux boot loader.
  2. i completely removed and formatted the linux partition and then made the windows partition bigger. so lnux is completely removed from my pc
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    you have to activate the partition and make it bootable.. use a win 7 cd to try fixing it
  4. I already tried using my win 7 cd to fix it, but it made no difference
  5. dont worry somehow i fixed it
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