P8400+HD4570 or P8700+9300gs

I want to buy a new laptop and i'm confused between two , the first one has an Intel C2D p8400 cpu with ATI HD4570 GPU.
The second one has p8700 cpu with GeForce 9300GS GPU , they both almost have the same price.
I need it for general use and i might also download some games.
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  1. If you want to play games in most cases you are going to want the laptop with the better GPU. In games the difference between the two graphics cards will be more noticeable than the difference between the CPUs (which isn't much). If all other specs are similar, I think I would take the first laptop.

    Which laptops are they?
  2. The first one is the Asus X61SL with 3GB of RAM and the other one is DELL Vostro 1520 with 4GB of RAM, and all other specs are similar
  3. by the way, the drunk kitty is nice
  4. dia-j said:
    The first one is the Asus X61SL with 3GB of RAM and the other one is DELL Vostro 1520 with 4GB of RAM, and all other specs are similar

    I'd still say get the Asus with the 4570. And yeah, I thought the cat was a nice touch ;)
  5. I would choose P8400 with HD 4570,however if you fill the FAQ we can help you more and maybe you can find a better laptop:
  6. Thank you all , but i found an other laptop ( Acer Aspire 5738G) it has the same specs of the Asus X61SL except for the processor (it's T6600) . Its price is less by 200$ , i think it's a better bargain right ?
  7. Are other specs the same ?
  8. Yes Maziar ,all other specs are the same
  9. P8400:


    The difference is that P8400 has more FSB and cache,so the difference isn't much,go for the Acer one and save some $
  10. Does the less TDP in P8400 affect battery life considerably?
  11. Not much
  12. Thanks a lot , but some people say that acer laptops are low quality although they have a good value
  13. In terms of build quality i have heard ASUS are better but i haven't tested myself
  14. OK, thank you very much for helping
  15. No problem :) glad i could help
  16. I just came across a laptop from NEC (exactly NEC Versa P570-E93)
    I don't know the company but the site says it's a major Japanese computer company
    Its specs are:
    CPU: core2duo T9300 2.5GHz /6MB /800MHz
    RAM: 3GB DDR2 667MHz
    HDD: 250GB 5400rpm
    GPU: Geforce 8400 GS
    The price is 870$ (the same price of Asus X61SL) .
    I know the cpu is better and the gpu is a bit worse than acer laptop but does it worth an extra 200$, beside I'm not sure about the quality of NEC products
    If you have an advice it will be highly appreciated
  17. I don't know much about their quality but 8400GS is weaker than a HD 4570 in gaming
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