Realtek HD audio NO BASS

i just purchased the Razer Barracuda gaming Headset (NOT soundcard) and im having a lot of problems with realtek audio. Im not getting ANY bass whatsoever in songs and games. In the realtek test, i get a subwoofer and center noise so i know it isnt defective hardware. I have no idea what to do. Im at a point where im about to buy a Creative Xfi sound card, but can someone help me? I want to get the subwoofers working in my music and games etc

using a 790i board with realtek HD audio
Windows 7 64 bit

Tried SEVERAL realtek drivers, even regular windows drivers. Cant get it to work

PLEASE help! Thanks in advance!
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  1. b4 doing anything just read the manual on ure headest, if theres nothing u can do reply me back.
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