Battery charger trouble?

im trying to recharge a battery for a old camcorder i have. i bought a battery recharger that "support" various battery models. the problem im having is that i put the battery in to charge and it does so for 2 in a half minutes and then the charger lights up a green light that says charged when it really is not. if i leave it in it will not charge. if i unplug it and plug it back in it start to charge again for 2 more min and the terns green again. i dont really know what to do at this point. any one have any ideas for me??

BTW the battery says it 6V 1.2Ah and the charger says it outputs 10.3V at 550 mAh

the charger states that it can charge 3.6/3.7V, 7.2/7.4V,and High Cap batterys. but is also meant for other battery's that fit it
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  1. if 6v batteries arent listed, you shouldnt expect it to work.
    maybe the charger is 'sensing' the battery wrong.
    could be a bad charger, or it could simply be not ment to work with eachother.

    although, maybe the battery is bad and that is why the charger stops charging early.

    since the charger might be wrong.. it might be bad.
    and with that said, you should try a different brand charger.
    that isnt fair because the charger doesnt list 6v batteries as one of the supported battery types.
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