Trouble installling windows xp on laptop hp dv5-1003nr

hi guys! i just bought alaptop, type: hp dv5 1003nr and was supposedly already unpartitioned. It previously had windows vista on it. Im trying to instal windows xp. it starts out loading up the setup files, like normal but when it starts to load gives the blue screen of death. i already testd the harddrive and memory, thru the bios options and they passed. im not sure what to so frustrated. can someone please help me, id really appreciate any input you can give.....thanks,

keith uelsmann
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  1. Hey Keith,

    Two suggestions, check in your BIOS and make sure the hard drive is set to either serial ata or IDE mode (assuming your HDD is a SATA)

    Also, you may want to try and slipstream SP3 onto an install CD.

    Let me know if either of those work.
  2. IMO, Vista is the better OS. I'd keep it and save yourself the trouble, unless you NEED XP for something.
  3. my hdd is a sata, but cant find where it says my harddrive is set to ide or the other. i went to the only bios screen i found.
  4. I believe i figure it out. This laptop doesn't recognize the hard drive due to the sata settings in BIOS, unfortunately these bios dont allow to change them. I would either need to do a slipstream, which i know nothing about or just install windows vista back on it. At this point, i just want my laptop to work, so i'd install windows vista...if i had it. I have the product key for it, but they didn't send any software with this, so that does me no good. Anyone know how to get the installation cd, when you have the product key already or will I have to go out and buy the software?
  5. You can torrent an OEM version of the install disk and use the product key you have to reinstall it.
  6. I went ahead and bought the new windows 7 and installed works now, YaY!! :) thnks guys for all ur help
  7. Hey hey, Im about to try and install Win xp on this laptop,
    I will do so in about one week, So i am not looking for troubleshooting help
    I'm simply curious, has anyone managed to get it to work, and if so
    what problems were found if any, and what did you do to
    fix them, i would like to make this an article about getting win xp on a dv5-1003nr
    if that would be possible, a kind of "how to"
    i think that would be great and any help in doing so is appreciated thank
    you, wish me luck i suppose.
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