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I'm looking into the Razer Megalodon and Razer Carcharias

are there any sound card & gaming headset combos you all would suggest?
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  1. well, with those headphones, i really dont think sound card will m ake much of difference with.

    the headphones were invested in designing surround sound, and not too much for sound quality.

    but if u really want sound card, cos of course it will still make a diff.

    u could go for the asus xonar DX, which is the best out of all sound cards in the same price range, and some more expensive.
  2. i have a sb0770 creative xtreme gamer sound card

    its OEM Dell but the drivers are painfree

    not intending to buy another sound card so does anyone know some good gaming headsets? should perform equally well with music

    razer carcharias

    fatality headset?

    logitech g35?
  3. g35 and the razer have surround sound, not sure with the fatality.

    the g35, is bery good indeed, and for the razer, well if u do want the same competition with teh logitech , it should be magadolon?? idk

    but watever u do, if u are a razer fan, which im sure u are, do not buy barracudas. watever u do.

    do some research and tell me wat came up with
  4. Well, the one thing a like about the Megolodon is it offloads to a soundcard if one is present. If that includes Pro Logic processing, that really jumps the headset up a notch, as the G35 lacks any way to upmix audio.

    Remember, aside from the Megolodon, USB headsets ignore the presence of a soundcard. If you plug a USB headset, it becomes the output device, and handles the audio process through its own driver, pre-empting any soundcard.
  5. wat do ya mean upmix, u mean stereo to 7.1 surrounds?
  6. As I understand it (someone correct me if I'm wrong), the Megolodon offers modes for 2.0 or 7.1. The issue is 5.1 audio then ends up feeling more flat. Upmixing to 7.1 makes the most sense in that case, but I don't know how much the megolodon actually offloads...

    I know the G35 simply uses Dolby Headphone to virtualize a 7.1 field, bu that only works if 8 channels are avaliable. And from the reviews I've seen, some games don't work right...

    As a general rule, if you have a soundcard, USB headsets make almost no sense.
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