Laptop with good graphics under $1000 CDN

I have been going crazy trying to find a laptop with a decent graphics card for under $1000 Canadian. My idea of a decent card would be a nVidia 240m or Ati 4650, at least I think that I what I want. At this point the graphics card is the main spec that I am looking at just trying to find something.

Is there anything out there, or am I either going to have to wait for a great sale (which may or may not come anytime soon and I am ready to buy) or do I just wait?
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  1. thanks. Yeah, I have been using that graphics card guide as something to go by. I knew that I wanted something better than my brothers two year old 9600 gt but it seems like I am out of luck without another couple hundred bucks. seems to have a couple Asus laptops with good cards for $1200
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